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Water Drops


"Jeff installed a water treatment system at our residence in Henderson Harbor on the shore of Lake Ontario. With municipal water unavailable, and the ability to find good water with a drilled well we elected to install a shore well, drawing water from the lake. Jeff recommended a system that would treat all the potential issues this could present. His installation work is impeccable, the mechanical group did not leave much room for a system with this functionality, but Jeff was able to find room to fit all components and have them be accessible. The high water in 2019 caused an unforeseen issue with the well, having the cover come off allowing additional organic contaminants to enter the well casing. After cleaning the casing we called Jeff to make sure the system was unaffected and working properly, he showed up promptly, made some adjustments to the system and gave additional instruction on how the system functioned. Subsequent water tests proved the system worked as promised. We have been ecstatic with Jeff, his knowledge and concern for our having worry free potable water. The system requires very low maintenance and was very reasonably price. We highly recommend Jeff and his team for all of you drinking water system needs."

Rich Mangan 

Henderson Harbor, NY

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